Add Your Trips And Tours is a growing database of guided and self guided tours, private tours, museum tours, sightseeing and pleasure trips, walks, treks and safaris around the world. Tour operators and Tour guides can add their trips and tours FREE of charge and take booking via their own website or usual booking channels, without paying any commission on bookings and without having to manage another bookings calendar.

No Hidden Charges
No Commission On Bookings
Simple, Quick Registration
  • Free registration and free to add your trips and tours
  • Bookings direct with you, with no commission charged
  • Bookings via your own website or usual preferred bookings partner
  • No new availability calendar to update
  • List multiple trips and tours
  • Profile page listing all of your trips and tours
  • Links to your website
  • View full stats. Total views, monthly views and daily views
  • Quick and simple submission
  • Update your trips and tours any time
  • Add discounts, offers and late availability

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How much does it cost to advertise Trips and Tours?

It is FREE to create a Tour Operator profile, and it is also FREE to add Trips and Tours. There are no hidden charges.

How much commission do you charge on bookings?

We do not charge any commission on bookings. Our role is simply to introduce potential customer to your services. We do not play any part in the booking transaction.

There are no contracts, and there is no back of house availability to manage. Customers will book with you via your usual booking systems, such as your website, phone or email.

I offer many different tours, can I add them all?

Yes you can, there is no limit to the number of Trips and Tours you can add.

We understand that if you offer many different Trips and Tours it may be quite time consuming to add them all at once. If you do not have time to add them all right away, we recommend that you add your most popular Trips and Tours first and then add the rest over a period of time.

My Tours span more than one day, can I still add them?

Yes, we're not just about single day tours. You can add tours that span several days, or even several weeks.

Can I edit my Trips and Tours?

Yes, you can edit your Trips and Tours, and your Tour Operator profile at any time. Not only that, but the Tour Operators console allows you to view up to the minute statistics, showing how many times you Tour has been viewed, and how many people have clicked through to your website.

Do you offer paid advertising?
Yes, optionally you can upgrade a Tour/Trip listing to a Featured Tour. This costs £49.00 (50% off if purchased at the time of submission) for one year. Featured Tours/Trips are displayed above all other Trips and Tours on location pages and search results, are featured in the members area, and displayed regularly on our home page.

Tour Operators are not obligated to upgrade any of their Tours/Trips to Featured listings. However, we do recommend a Featured listing to get the best results.