Climb Kilimanjaro At Machame Route

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Climb Kilimanjaro

From January 2018 to end of March 2018 we have various departures through various routes to Kilimanjaro where by anyone willing to join a group is warmly welcomed. -January 3 to 9 trekking via machame route 7 days -January 12 to 17 trekking via machame route 6 days - January 15 to 20 trekking via Rongai route for 6 days -February 5 to 11 trekking via machame route for 7 days -February 11 to 18 trekking via Lemosho route for 8 days -March 5 to 9 trekking via Marangu route for 5 days -March 6 to 11 trekking via machame route for 6 days -March 8 to 12 trekking via Marangu route for 5 days Kindly feel free to contact for any question about rates and information about group joining through:

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Kilimanjaro's Machame Route

Safari tour package: A set-date, set-itinerary, group safari

Includes internal flights: No

Length of safari: 8 days

Best months: All year

Countries visited Tanzania

Parks visited Kilimanjaro

Activity level Very Active - Trekking, mountain biking, kayaking
Safari type: Camping

*The Machame Route is tent camping. The Machame Route is one of the best options for climbing Kilimanjaro and reputed to have the highest success rate. This scenic route offers a longer period for acclimatization and takes different routes up and down the mountain so you don’t do any backtracking over the same terrain. It features a tented camping experience as opposed to the Marangu Route which makes use of an extensive mountain hut system.

Day 1 - Arusha or Kilimanjaro Airport to Moshi
Arrive in Kilimanjaro and transfer to your Hotel in Moshi. Evening we will brief about the climb and review the gear you have brought to make sure nothing additional is needed.

Day 2 - Machame Camp
(9,927 feet/3,026 m), 7miles/11 Km (5 to 7 hours)
We will pick you up at the hotel in Moshi after breakfast and drive about an hour to the Machame gate where the trek starts. From the Machame Park gate it’s a gentle climb up through dense rainforest to the Machame Camp.

Day 3 - Shira Camp
(12,355 feet/3,766 m), 3 miles/5km (4 to 6 hours)
The morning starts with a personal introduction to your trekking team. The hike is different today as the jungle gives away to zones of giant heather and moorland. If you have enough time you take a short hike to the Shira Caves after reaching camp.

Day 4 - Barranco Camp
(13,066 feet/3,983 m), 6 miles/10km (5 to 8 hours)
Leaving Shira camp in the morning you climb towards the main peak Kibo, with the western glaciers clearly visible across the rugged high-altitude desert of volcanic rocks and boulders. The trail ascends to the Lava Tower site (15000 feet / 4600m) before descending back down into Barranco Valley. Its 6 to 7 hours walking and the total ascent is only 110m total but having climbed much higher and dropped back down assists acclimatization.

Day 5 - Barafu High Camp
(15,239 feet/4,645 m), 5 miles/9km (5 to 8 hours)
The day starts with a challenging climb up the steep Barranco wall (some scrambling but not technically difficult) before dropping into the Karanga Valley where you take a break for lunch. If you decide to add an extra day it will be spent at Karanga Camp. Those on the regular itinerary will continue after lunch to Barafu Hut having hiked a total of 5 to 8 hours and ascended 650m. This is the highest camp and the push to the summit will begin at 11pm when you start getting your gear ready.

Day 6 - Uhuru Peak Altitude
(5895 m/19340 ft) Walking Distance: 3 miles/5 km ascent + 7 miles / 12 km descent (10-16 hours)
The day starts at midnight with the final push to the summit. It's a cold and grueling six hour hike to summit rim up a steep slope. The trail is doable but steep with many switchbacks. The summit rim is reached just about sunrise and it's a fairly level hike around the rim to Uhuru Peak the ultimate summit and highest point in Africa. Going down you will head back to Barafu Hut for a short nap and snacks before continuing down to Mweka camp (3068m / 10,065feet). One of the reasons for such a long day of trekking is to avoid problems with acclimatization and get you back down to a lower elevation quickly.

Day 7
From Mweka campsite it is a 4 to 5 hours descent through the forest to Mweka gate to collect certificates and meet the vehicle. Return to Moshi for the night and to have a final farewell dinner with your guides.

Day 8
After breakfast, according to your flight time we will drop you at the airport or assist you in catching the shuttle to Nairobi. End of our services.