Spice Passage To India

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12 days
Brisbane Airport
Price Adult
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Wildlife Tour, Culture Tour, Food and Drink Tour, Shopping Tour, Boat Trip, River Cruise, Private Tour, Guided Tour
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Our trip takes us to Kerala, the spice state of India. Kerala lies along the Malabar coastline, to the extreme SW of India. The region was a prominent spice exporter and for many years it remained a top international spice trading centre. In the 15th century, Portuguese traders sailed into Kerala which eventually paved the way for the European colonisation of the whole of India. Kerala became popular for its Black Pepper aka ‘Malabar Pepper’ in Europe.

Our unique Spice Passage tour features all things spice and cooking whilst journeying through the spectacular state of Kerala. Starting in Cochin, we travel into the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu, via Munnar, a tea and spice region high in the hills. We visit spice plantations, a tea plantation, a national park (where we spotted a snow leopard last year!), do some cooking classes, take in some cultural sites and finally relax for a few days on a houseboat cruise. Bliss! 5-star all the way! Lots of time to recharge the batteries and lots of time for shopping.