Denpasar Day Food Tour

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4 hours
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Food and Drink Tour
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Denpasar as a member of the OWHC (Organisation of World Heritage Cities) possesses a variety of cultural traditions that must be preserved, including food.

This food tour offers the experience to enjoy several Balinese culinary delicacies in the heart of Denpasar. It begins from sampling Balinese coffee in one of the oldest Balinese coffee shops and continues with enjoying several Balinese dishes from traditional meals savoured by locals to foods popular with Balinese locals today.

During the four-hour food tour, you can enjoy a variety of signature Balinese delicacies in six different places. In which, one of the dishes is a legendary Balinese food that is much cherished by the people of Bali. At the same time, you will also be enlightened about stories of Balinese culture by a professional local tour guide

– Balinese coffee
– Tropical fruit platter with signature Balinese sweet sauce
– Traditional Balinese satay
– Legendary Balinese suckling pork
– Rice cake and rice vermicelli in peanut sauce
– Popular traditional Balinese dessert