Kuta Street Food Tour

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The diversity of Indonesian food develops alongside with the cultural diversity that is held dearly in each region and province within the archipelago. The cultural differences in each region affect the way we prepare all the ingredients and spices, where this cooking practise makes a flavourful, unique, and appetising Indonesian food. Yet, you might be able to come across a popular Indonesian food that is being touted only in a small warung by the roadside everywhere. For example: a bowl of tasty Soto Betawi in Jakarta, the luscious Gudeg in Yogyakarta, or the delectable Nasi Liwet in Solo.

Bali, as the Island of the Gods that is blessed with beautiful beaches and a smorgasbord of high-end restaurants to choose from, is also heaven for many tantalizing street foods. This food tour offers you a chance to enjoy one of the best of street food adventures and to eat what the local eats. Experience a unique street food eating sensation in Kuta at night.

– Indonesian Lamb Soup and Satay
– Balinese Spicy Mix Rice
– Signature of Balinese Fried Duck with Curry Sauce
– Dare to try Indonesian Chicken Feet Soup
– Authentic Balinese Suckling Pig and Pork Satay