Legendary Sabang Food Tour

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2 hours 30 minutes
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Food and Drink Tour
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Jalan Sabang, as one of the culinary hubs in Jakarta, offers a variety of delectable dishes – very much enjoyable treats that are worthy of your time and money, and definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss! Aside from its unique history that is set to bedazzle you, this neighbourhood along with the foods being offered here has been the pearl of the city for decades.

Sabang area is known as a populous neighbourhood. Being located near to the city’s business district makes Jalan Sabang an interesting place to find unique street food culinary. This includes a diversity of delicacies that originates from different region in Indonesia. Betawi, Javanese, and even Acehnese foods can be easily found along the street of Jalan Sabang, as well as some Madura, Palembang, and Minang delights.

Start at 7 pm to 9.30 pm
– Javanese chicken satay
– Batavian chicken porridge
– Signature fish cake of South Sumatera
– The most delicious Rendang from West Sumatera
– Jakarta’s signature lamb fried rice and satay
– Indonesian signature coffee and dessert