Mangga Besar Food Tour

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4 hours
mangga besar
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The tastiness of Indonesian food is fully related to the rich flavour of numerous local spices and seasonings that are put together and cooked into a perfect delicacy – resulting in a tantalizing treat that’s hard for anyone to resist. It is no big surprise that many merchants from all over the world came over to Indonesia simply for its herbs and spices in the past, where some of them even decided to stay and mix along with the natives.

One of the cultures from the old trading times that, up until today, give strong influence to Indonesian food is Chinese culture. This can be seen from the many Indonesian culinary that are tastily enriched with the touch of Chinese culture, whereas the lovely combination of both local and Chinese features result in a delectable favourite dish that fits everyone’s palate.

This food tour will take you to savour a selection of scrumptious Chinese foods along with various authentic local foods in one of the areas in Jakarta that is still under great influence of Chinese culture, which is the unique and interesting Mangga Besar.

Start at 6.00 pm to 10 pm
– Betawi Peranakan set of coconut rice with crispy chicken and “semur jengkol” (dogfruit stew)
– Legendary Indonesian bakery & pattiserrie
– Legendary meatball soup from North Sumatra
– Variety of Indonesian Chinese street food stalls
– Signature Chinese Peranakan crab noodle soup
– Much Love Durian Medan