Ubud Signature Dishes Tour

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5 hours
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Sports Tour, Food and Drink Tour
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In the afternoon, Ubud traditional market that was full of all spices and food-related activities will transform into an art trading center. Here all souvenirs depict the Balinese culture can be found. Hence, the session will let you learn more about local people’s traditions.
While getting more knowledge about art, obviously the tour will fulfill your hunger of lunch as our the main goal. On the package, we will lead you to visit several local eateries. With the sensation of walking throughout the street and Balinese warm weather, you are going to feel how two major things of the island on the tour. Somehow, the food joints on the list are not as old as the previous ones, but it would be a loss if you miss them.
So, grab a chance and feel the sensation of walking on your feet along the Ubud street to taste various foods

Start at 11 am to 4 pm
– Traditional Balinese brunch
– Traditional market exploration
– Ubud signature suckling pork
– Balinese coffee break
– Balinese signature pork BBQ
– Legendary Balinese Dessert