ZooVenture Interactive Tour

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2 hours
National Zoo & Aquarium
Australian Capital Territory
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Safari, Private Tour, Guided Tour
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The award winning Zooventure Tour is one of the most hands-on zoo experiences available in Australia, and possibly the world. If you're an animal lover looking for the thrill of a lifetime, then a ZooVenture tour at the National Zoo & Aquarium in Canberra is just the thing. The Zooventure is a 2 hour behind the scenes guided tour that offers participants the opportunity to learn about a variety of amazing animals and experience a bounty of rare and close-up encounters.
Animals that are usually* included are: Lions, Brown Bears, Otters, Dingoes, Rhinos, Giraffe and Snakes

*While every attempt is made to include these animals on a tour we cannot guarantee it, or the outcome/level of interaction, due to unforseen circumstances (eg off display due to veterinary matter or enclosure maintanance) or the behaviour of the animals