Magnificent Flights Over The Central Coast In Fully Open Microlight Aircraft

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15 minutes or 40 minutes
89 Lackersteens Rd
Price Adult
$100 to 190
Price Children
$100 to 190
Price Seniors
$100 to 190
Price Students
$100 to 190
Tour Type
Adventure Tour, Scenic Flight, Private Tour, Guided Tour
Tour Operator
The Pleasures of Microlighting
In a word microlighting is freedom. Freedom to escape from the mundane routine of life on Terra Firma and from the confines of conventional flying. Microlighting does not require the facilities that larger aeroplanes demand. Any fair sized field can be your aerodrome and your garage can be your hangar. Your local servo can be your bowser and you are at liberty to be your own aircraft mechanic.
Why Microlights?
In the air the views are breathtaking, skimming past the clouds, flying high, swooping down, simply unwinding and watching the ground slide by; the sense of freedom is complete. Without an enclosed cockpit and complicated control systems, you become part of the machine. It is YOU flying.
How do I fly?
Come along for a training and introductory flight and enjoy this fabulous experience. The flight will be taken with a qualified flying instructor in a two seat aircraft. The controls and system will be explained and during the flight you may take control if conditions are suitable.
We will provide you with a helmet and intercom set for communication and a warm, insulated flight suit.
Gift Vouchers
We offer gift vouchers for training and introductory flights that are ideal as a most unusual and well-received gift for the adventurous minded.
The vouchers are valid for 6 months and bookings can be made at your convenience.
The cost of the voucher is $190 which includes compulsory temporary membership to RECREATIONAL AVIATION AUSTRALIA.
The flight time is approximately 40 minutes.
The minimum age for participants is 10 years with no maximum age!.
It is a condition of flying that an indemnity has to be completed and if the participant is under 18 years of age a parent or legal guardian has to co-sign.
How do I go about obtaining my Pilot Certificate
The minimum requirements for a Pilot Certificate are 15 hour of dual instruction and 5 hours of solo. Students ge