Sydney Photography Tours

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3 hours
1 Kendal Lane, The Rocks
New South Wales
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Photography Tour
Sydney photography tours are for beginners to the experienced, travellers and enthusiasts!
Our professional photographers and tours are well recommended on Tripadvisor so come and join one of our Sydney Photography Tours or gift a workshop ticket to someone you love.We will show the best spots and the best times. Learn to shoot in manual modes and master composition. Choose from a group day, night or private tour.

Sydney Photography Workshop - 3 Hour Beginner - Afternoon Course
Every Saturday in The Historic Rocks Area

Overview - Technical & Creative Challenges

Mastering Composition - a very valuable way enhance your ideas
All about Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture and understanding the basics
Shooting in Manual Modes to best express your creative vision
Best Views of Sydney Harbour, Opera House and Harbour Bridge
Learning How to creatively and effectively control shutter speeds
Achieving shallow or great depth of field
Indoor low light locations inside pubs or churches
Sydney Photography Workshop - 3 Hour Beginner - Night Course
Every Saturday in The Historic Rocks Area

Course Overview - Technical & Creative Challenges
´╗┐Cityscapes of the Opera House & Harbour Bridge using tripods
Shooting in Manual Modes controlling Shutter Speed, ISO & Aperture explained
Colour temperature control in indoor locations and using basic flash creatively
Understanding exposures in low light and have sharp in focus photos
Shooting the skyline in dusk or the blue hour to get these type of images
Shooting a themed series of cityscapes and playing with some creative ideas
Learning the fine art of basic light painting using long exposures with tripod
Participating and photographing using provided light toys and fabulous backdrop