Winning A Vivid Sydney Cruise Ticket By Chance!

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My decision to further my education in Australia has turned out to be one of the best moves I’ve made –so far, that is! My first two months have been all about settling down, testing the waters, familiarising myself with Sydney and of course the people – nothing much to rave about nor complain about. The introvert that I am has surprisingly made a few friends, but hasn’t really made the effort to find that one best friend with shared interests to hang out with regularly. Sad and depressing though it may be, I’m still in the phase of going for movies and checking out new places and things to do on my own!
I’m definitely not a loner, but I do know that the company you keep matters more than the journey you undertake. ‘Never go on trips with anyone you do not love,’ a quote by Ernest Hemingway probably best explains my perspective. I do go out with my college mates for movies and other activities, the popular ones that are accepted by the majority. But activities that have to do with personal interests and choices have limited takers, so I would rather do such things alone than drag someone unwillingly for company.
Vivid Sydney is a great time to be in Sydney, or so I’ve read, and I couldn’t wait to experience the delights of the Vivid lights festival. It’s one of those feel-good festivals that breathe fresh life into Sydney during the onset of the winter months. My friends were keen on spending one evening, if not more, down at the harbour and other Vivid precincts to see the light installations.
But Vivid Sydney is so much more than that – it is a celebration of light, music and ideas. The ‘ideas’ part usually gets lost in translation and what is highlighted is the gaudy brilliance of this visual extravaganza. Besides this and the music events and shows, there are many interesting seminars, classes and creative discussions that take place during Vivid Sydney that really showcase the coming together of creative minds.
When I enthusiastically put forth the idea of attending one of these talks to my friends, none of them were in the least bit interested. I’m the kind of person who likes to stray from the beaten track,so I went on my own.A talk on ‘Data: Transforming Science and Society’, caught my fancy. To the lay man it could seem boring, but the topic is actually relevant in today’s time.
Data is considered a meaningless collection of facts and figures until its analysis reveals a wealth of information. The internet houses an unquantifiable amount of data that can be harnessed to garner information that can be useful to many businesses and industries.
Believe it or not, after the seminar, there was a small quiz conducted based on what was discussed and wonder of wonders, I won a prize! A ticket to a Vivid Sydney cruise!I thought it strange as it was a Vivid dinner cruise ticket for one. Loner or not, I don’t think anyone would want to go on a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise alone!I made some enquiries and was informed that they were running out of Vivid Sydney cruise gift vouchers, so they had curtailed it to one per event.
This dampened the excitement of having won something and I was definitely in a fix! The thought of going for a Vivid Sydney Harbour cruise alone lingered in my mind but the thought of having a nice dinner overruled it. Living on a college student’s diet of gluggy noodles and greasy toast & eggs, I didn’t want to let go of a chance to have a nice meal for a change. Since the talk got over early, I had plenty of time to make the 7 pm departure of the Vivid Sydney cruise.
From the information on the gift voucher, I had won a ticket on a Vivid buffet dinner cruise, so I wasn’t expecting much in terms of luxury and amenities. But when I saw the boat, it looked pretty sleek and modern. The interiors were well appointed and felt upmarket with plush carpeting and elegant table settings. The friendly wait staff made sure I wasn’t intimidated by the whole experie