Magnetic Island's BEST Bus Tour

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4 hours 30 minutes
Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal
Nelly Bay
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Price Children
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Tour Type
Nature Tour, Wildlife Tour, Eco Tour, History Tour, Photography Tour, Coach Tour, Guided Tour
Come aboard for 4 ½ hours of SIGHTSEEING, FUN & INFORMATION
1. Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal – start/finish
2. Nature Habitat - Guide talk
3. Rocky Bay lookout – photos!
4. Eagle’s nest viewing
5. Cockle Bay, its history
6. Island’s History & Craft Centre
7. Picnic Bay Beach – views, photos.
8. Picnic Bay Jetty - photos
9. Coffee & toilets – optional stop
10. Feed Rock Wallabies & fish
11. Talk on Toad Races
12. Koala search
13. Look for Agile Wallabies
14. WW II History talk-“The Forts”
15. Rain forest – Butterflies, in season
16. Horseshoe Bay, free time.
17. Alma Bay and Cenotaph
18. Aquasearch Aquarium

Answers to Common Questions:
What should I bring? A smile , camera , hat , cash for the tour, if unpaid (Sorry, no cards) and money for lunch.
Where and when is lunch? From about 1 until 2 at the popular, beautiful Horseshoe Bay, where you can visit one of the eight quality eateries. (Vegetarian, Vegan and G.F dishes at most)
Can I swim on the tour? Yes, at Horseshoe Bay, in free time.
Can I Snorkel one of the Trails? If you bring your snorkel gear we will drop you at either trail post-tour, free.
Will I see a Koala? On over 90% of our tours, but we never guarantee it. No-one can predict the movements of animals in nature.
What wildlife will I see? Almost certainly: Koalas, Wallabies, Curlews, Doves, Currawongs, Whited Cockatoos, Raptors, Lorikeets, Friar Birds, Pee Wees, Green Ants and nests,
Turtles at sea, a variety of reef fish, wild and in an aquarium.
Often: Pheasant Coucal, Sunbirds, Scrub fowl,
Seasonally: Wet season – Magpie Geese, Cuckoo Shrike, Pied Imperial Pigeon, Red-tailed Black Cockatoo.
Post wet – Spangled Drongo, Fig Bird, Blue Tiger Butterflies, en masse.
Occasionally: Jabiru Stork, Fruit Doves, Sea Eagles, Pacific Baza

Fares (As at 30th March 2017. Confirmation by online booking)
Adult $45. Senior/Pension card $40. Child 5 – 14 $22