Quickie On The Coast Half Day Brewery Tour

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4 hours
52 Esplanade
Surfers Paradise
Price Adult
Tour Type
City Tour, Food and Drink Tour, Guided Tour
Tour Operator
If you're a bit short of time but want to sample some of the incredible beer coming from the Gold Coast, we only require 3.5 hours to blow your mind! Too rainy to enjoy the beach? We can help! Not keen on roller coasters? Your ride with us will be smooth. Over the crowds? Relax with a beer.

We start with an introduction to beer’s main ingredients and a few tasters to experience the unique flavours in each beer and understand the differences in what you’re drinking, whether it’s a lager or a stout. Once we’ve had a chat about the history of beer and a solid basic understanding of how everything fits together, we take you to a local brewery to see where the action takes place.

Each half-day tour includes a visit to 2 of the breweries listed: Black Hops, Balter or Burleigh Brewing. Our tours also include a stop at a local craft beer bar for a drink. Itinerary subject to change based on opening hours, special events, traffic and new openings.

At the end of the afternoon we can drop you off at one of our partner pubs, where you can keep drinking delicious beer to your hearts’ content.