XXXX Brewery Tour

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1 hour 30 minutes
XXXX Alehouse bar & Restaurant - Corner of Black & Paten Street
Price Adult
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History Tour, Food and Drink Tour, Guided Tour
Have you ever wondered how the XXXX brew got its name? Or how it’s made? Or what it tastes like when it’s poured fresh at the brewery? If your answer is YES!, treat yourself to one of our historic XXXX Brewery & Alehouse Tours! It’s an unbeatable way to discover the legend of XXXX and experience a true Australian icon up close.

Journey through one of Brisbane’s greatest attractions in a remarkable exploration of the world of XXXX. This brewery tour will take you through the 135-year history of XXXX, from its origins to its position as Australia’s number one beer.

You'll learn all about your favourite beer: its world-class brewing methods, top quality ingredients and, of course, how to pour a perfect XXXX. After the floods of 2011, we’ve refurbished sections of the brewery with the best equipment, and now it’s better than ever. The tour takes approximately 90 minutes & concludes with a beer tasting session with your tour guide.