Classic And Nostalgic .... Waco Biplane Flight For 2 Passengers

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30 minutes experience
Aldinga Airfield
South Australia
Price Adult
Tour Type
Scenic Flight
Tour Operator
The Waco biplane is a modern day reincarnation of a classic 1935 design of sports biplane, unique in its ability to carry 2 passengers in a capacious cockpit.
There are any number of very special reasons why people book a flight in our exciting, powerful and timelessly sensual Waco biplane.
For some, it is indeed about sharing a highly romantic and truly unique experience with a very special person.
For others, it is about giving an ultimate gift that is certainly different, is high on the 'wow' factor and which delivers unadulterated 24 carat indulgence.
Once aloft, you will be immediately surrounded by a rich panorama of vineyards, hills, cliffs, the ocean and unspoiled white beaches. All viewed from your open cockpit and with the wind in your hair.