Hobart History, People & Places: The Classic City Walk

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2 hours
Outside the Henry Jones Art Hotel, 25 Hunter St, Hobart
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City Tour, History Tour, Culture Tour, Walking Tour, Guided Tour
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Extensive walking tour including historic Hunter St, Hobart waterfront, significant city locations & Salamanca Place.

Wonderful stories about the hard working convicts, explorers, entrepreneurs, villains and heroes of this convict-built city.

Hobart’s waterfront was where it all started for Europeans in Tasmania. This tour follows the original and the current waterfront, and a couple of blocks into town, from the historic Henry Jones IXL jam factory to Australia’s only Georgian corner, and on through town to beautiful Salamanca, taking in the wonders of a convict-built city, with well-preserved Georgian and Victorian architecture.

We will cover the story of the birth of a new British colony, and the growth of a lovely city, recalling the good, the bad and the scandalous characters that set the tone for the early days of Hobart. Things have changed!

See and hear about stories of endurance, business empires, tycoons, adventurers, convicts, women, mothers, villains and heroes. Discover the marvelous legacy left by the resilience of our convict and free-settler ancestors.