Stargazing Night Tours

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2 hours
Western Australia
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Nature Tour, Walking Tour, Private Tour, Guided Tour
We are an observatory that is totally 'dome free' outside under the natural canopy of the night sky, situated in the scenic town of Julimar in Toodyay, Western Australia.

We provide a specialized night sky observing, Astronomy Experience for all visitors. We like to think and look 'outside of the dome' and we are here to teach, inspire & help people grow in their knowledge of space and the canopy of the natural night sky is our classroom.

Visitors get to experience the wonders of space, outdoors under the clear dark night skies of Julimar! Here you will see the highlights of the Universe and be guided by our knowledgeable Astronomers and night sky enthusiasts. Viewing the depths of space through our telescopes we will reveal and unlock at least some of the secrets of our Universe!