Waterfall Creek - Canyoning In New Zealand

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Full day
Motueka i-SITE Visitor Information Center
Nelson - Tasman
New Zealand
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Nature Tour, Sports Tour, Adventure Tour, Guided Tour
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This is more than just canyoning. This is our BIG, truly remote canyoning experience. Everything about this trip is just BIG! And so will be your smile at the end of this adventure. Make sure your breakfast is BIG too, as this epic canyoning mission will require some BIG energy. We wade up a beautiful river, climb our way straight up the hill through stunning bush to get to the starting point at 400m above sea level. On the way we’ll introduce you to the rich history of the area and the giant trees of the forest, some are many centuries old. If big slides and big abseils in a remote setting is your type of adventure, then Waterfall Creek is your trip. BE WARNED: This trip might be the most challenging thing you’ll do in New Zealand…