The High Country Pub Trail Horse Trek (allow 3.5 Hours)

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3.5 hours
The Cardrona, 2125 Cardrona Valley Road
Central Otago
New Zealand
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Nature Tour, Wildlife Tour, Adventure Tour, History Tour, Trekking Tour, Equestrian Tour, Pony Trekking, Guided Tour
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Mount up and begin the big hill climb which soon gives way to spectacular views of the surrounding mountains of the Crown and Pisa ranges. The working Merino sheep farm land turns to rugged rock and tussock country as you climb higher to get that even better photo opportunity. Really feels like you are on top of the world in the middle of nowhere! Descend to the Cardrona Hotel where you dismount & tie your horse to our hitching rail and enjoy a well earned beverage on us in the gorgeous garden bar. If you fancy a bit of a run heres your chance to cut loose! This ride offers many opportunities for a nice canter- the whole package!