Prawn Farm Guided Tour Through Nursery And Hatchery

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2 hours
Huka Prawn Park
New Zealand
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Wildlife Tour, Guided Tour
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Huka Prawn Park is New Zealand’s only prawn farm and the only geothermally heated prawn farm in the world. An activity pass to Huka Prawn Park offers a day of fun and excitement for all ages.
Enjoy the flexibility of a day pass to Huka Prawn Park. Arrive any time within the opening hours (9am – 4pm in summer and 9:30am – 3:00pm in winter) and choose which activities you'd like to do in which order.

Our suggestion is to start with a 30 minute guided tour of the nursery and hatchery. You'll learn how a tropical breed of prawn is farmed in a sub-tropical environment. You'll have the chance to hand-feed baby prawns and you'll see a live prawn fishing demonstration. Tours leave hourly from 11am - 2pm.

You'll also have access to the fishing park where you can feel the excitement of catching a feisty prawn! All equipment is provided. Any prawns you catch are yours to keep and you can cook them and eat them on site or take them away fresh. There are no limits on what you can catch and no additional charges.

You can also enjoy a wide range of family friendly activities throughout the park. Pedal over a pond full of prawns on the pedal boats or aqua trike or test your balance on our stand-up paddle boards. Explore the activity loop where you’ll find trout feeding, a riverside nature walk, interactive water features and a geothermal footbath.

We suggest allowing at least a couple of hours to enjoy all of the activities that Huka Prawn Park has to offer. Be aware, you may want to stay all day!

The Huka Prawn Park Riverside Restaurant is on-site however no meals are included in this activity pass. Riverside Restaurant offers relaxed dining, treat yourself to a mouth-watering selection of prawn (or non-prawn) dishes.