Ostrich Tour

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25 minutes
Ostrich Farm
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Wildlife Tour, Walking Tour, Guided Tour
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Given every half hour, our guided tours are both informative and interactive. A knowledgeable guide will first introduce the adult emus and ostriches. You will learn about the ostrich's amazing speed as well as other defense mechanisms it uses against predators. Mating, rearing, and feeding habits will both surprise and amuse you. You will even have the opportunity to hand-feed the not-so-shy creatures. Just watch out! Ostriches are ALWAYS hungry, and if you have food in your hands, you may quickly find yourself surrounded by a herd of curious critters.

The tour concludes with a visit to the incubator, hatchery, and the special pens for young ostriches and emus. You will learn some interesting facts about ostrich eggs as well as the incredible growth rate of young ostriches.

Our guides are well-equipped to answer your questions about ostriches and emus throughout the tour. We hope you take the opportunity to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

Tours fees: $12 per adult, $6 per child
Tour Schedule: Every half hour from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM every day of the week.