Fun Buggy Punta Cana

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5h1/2day & 8h full day
punta cana
La Altagracia
Dominican Republic
Tour Type
Nature Tour, Eco Tour, Adventure Tour, Private Tour
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Since 1992 making buggy tours in Punta Cana, we don't have to explain that we know what we do.Full Day Buggy Tour From 8.00 Am till 4.00 Pm, a 120km/80 Miles Tour with lunch and horseback riding included. Or half day tour 60 miles/90 km. The buggy's are not ATV Rail Buggy's but the real dune buggy's with a fiberglass body and stick shift 4 speed, you have to know how to drive stick shift, we don't have a driver school!!! Included in the tour, transport from and back to the hotel, soft drinks,lunch(full day tour), horse back ridding (full day tour), school visit(when they are open), beach stop (not just passing by!!) Cigar factory and free cigar, chocolate speak French,English,German,Dutch and Spanish