Samana Discovery (by Bus)

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8 - 9 hours
Serves from all hotels in Bavaro and Punta cana area
La Altagracia
Dominican Republic
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City Tour, Nature Tour, Safari, Eco Tour, Adventure Tour, Culture Tour, Boat Trip, Sailing Tour
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Enjoy a smooth bus ride through the countryside to the bay of Miches. You will be transferred to La Ceyba Park where you will see a wonderful tropical garden that hosts more than 100 kinds of exotic plants. Here you can get in touch with the local flora. From there, the adventure begins. Your boat will take you, crossing the bay, right to the heart of Samana.

Enjoy the breath-taking landscapes from your sturdy safari truck on your way to a typical Dominican ranch! There, your guide will introduce you to the many agricultural products found in this fertile area: Coffee, cacao, fruits, plants and more. Make sure you taste everything. It’s fresh and tasty!

The next part of the tour will take you into the tropical forest, for a short horseback riding tour along the River Arroyo Chico. The dense vegetation will captivate your senses and leave you with a real taste of adventure. Ultimately, the trail leads to the picturesque Limon Waterfall.

Limon Waterfall: an impressive 165 foot drop of fresh water, right in the middle of the jungle. Splash yourself in the refreshing waters of the lagoons at the base of the waterfall. And don’t forget to take the perfect picture of your family and yourself in this memorable place.

To ease your Explorer’s appetite, the tour will take you to El Timon, our exclusive restaurant. Here we will enjoy a delicious lunch buffet. You will be delighted by the gourmet lunch and the panoramic view of the Bay of Samana.

The afternoon will take a more laid back twist. While you navigate in direction to Cayo Levantado in our comfortable motorboat, you will be impressed the beautiful landscapes of the peninsula. On the island, prepare to experience the white sandy beaches and the warm turquoise water of this unique and relaxing place.

There, you can explore the island, swim, snorkel or simply relax and enjoy a good cocktail on the beach of this lost paradise. Pinch yourself. You are not dreaming… You are on SAMANA DISCOVERY!!