Shopping Daytrip Santo Domingo

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12 hours
We'll pick you and your group wherever you decide.
Santo Domingo
Distrito Nacional
Dominican Republic
Tour Type
City Tour, Shopping Tour, Self Guided Tour
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Santo Domingo is one of the cities with the most square feet of malls and commercial real estate per capita, all across the Americas.
With all kinds of shopping, ranging from traditional local markets to world-class shopping centers, Santo Domingo is the place to go out shopping. Enjoy a full day out shopping in private luxury SUVs with a personal bilingual driver to take you around for a full day.
Your private vehicle will pick you up at your hotel between 9-10 A.M. and return you to your hotel between  8-9 P.M, after covering the following shopping venues:
Blue Mall
NovoCentro (Lunch)
Acropolis Center
Agora Mall
Galeria 360
Sambil (largest mall in Central America and the Caribbean)