Zimbali's Rasta Tour

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3 hours
Zimbali Retreats
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Nature Tour, Eco Tour, Adventure Tour, Culture Tour, Food and Drink Tour, Photography Tour, Walking Tour, Trekking Tour
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Want to take trip back in time and discover the real culture of Rastafari?
Then Zimbali's Rasta Tour is perfect for you?
After a welcome drink at Zimbali, our guide takes you up to the Fires camp- a
moderate hike into the hills and back in time. Along the way you cross
the river and stop at the spring to fill your water bottles from
Gracie’s spring which has provided water for this area for 100's of
At Fires camp you are surrounded by fruit trees he has been planting
for over 30 years and he cooks you an Ital lunch on the wood fire as
it has been since the beginning of time.
He is super cool and a great guy to talk to and see the real Rasta Livity ;)
That tour is $45/person and the transport is 15$/person for a total of