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2-2:30 hours
Bobby's Marina
Sint Maarten
Saint Martin
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Wildlife Tour, Underwater Tour, Adventure Tour, Boat Trip, Guided Tour
Tour Operator
Spend some of your time snorkeling and hanging out, and some of your time on our VERY POPULAR and super easy SNUBA Tour.
An experienced guide will take you in groups of maximum 4, into the water after a short safety briefingh. In the water, you will breath under water like a Scuba Diver, but without having to haul the heavy equipment Scuba Divers have to drag with them.
Experience fish, wrecks and other beautiful stuff, take pictures and have the time of your life, for as long as you have air in your tank. (tanks are at the surface) Go as deep as YOU like, anywhere from 0 to 20 feet and deserve your lifetime bragging rights with SNUBA SXM and show all your friends the pictures after :)