SHADES TOURS: Guided By Homeless People

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2 hours
different start points possible
Price Adult
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City Tour, Eco Tour, Walking Tour, Private Tour, Guided Tour
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From now on we see homelessness from another point of view and the best thing about this project is that it helps homeless people to get out of this situation.“ – Sabine V.

Discover another side of Vienna and go on a tour guided by a homeless person! Discover the multiple shades of homelessness: the challenges, social services and stories of living and surviving on the street. These tours give the guides—homeless people themselves—an opportunity to reintegrate into society.

This authentic, professional and insightful tour will submerge you into a mostly hidden and unseen world. During this 2-hour tour your guide will provide you with a mix of facts and personal stories that illustrate the complexity of homelessness. Go on this unforgettable tour that will you show another side of living in a city.

You will meet your guide . After a brief check-in round, your guide will introduce you to the topic of homelessness. What challenges do homeless people face? How does the Viennese social system work? How do social institutions help?

This tour will:
• Provide you with an unusual, insightful, informative and emotional experience
• Make you discover a different side of Vienna and provide you with insights into an unseen world, far away from the typical tourist path
• Help you understand the complexity of homelessness and inform you about how the local social system works
• Make a difference for you and your guide

Costs: €15,- per Person