Wine Tasting Cruise On The Danube

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Zrínyi street 5
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The wine tradition if Hungary is renowned worldwide, some wines from specific areas can not be copied or reproduced elsewhere. It takes a lot of time to travel around and taste wines in the wineries around the country, so we brought them here for you!

Our program is a unique mixture of wine tasting and sightseeing. In 2 hours of cruising beneath the six bridges of downtown Budapest you are able to taste and try out a wide variety of wines on our ship, including the famous Tokaj wine. The program starts at 19:00 which means that most of the year you will experience the beautiful sunset above the Danube while taking sips of prestigious Hungarian wines. To have the taste better we offer you scones between two sips, and if we succeed to impress you with a specific type of wine, bottles are available for purchase on deck.