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3 hours
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Sketching Rome Tours from Kat Tan on Vimeo.

For the 2017 season, all sketching tours will be held on Monday from 1 – 4 pm and Thursdays from 10 am – 1 pm. Click here to see our booking calendar for 2017.

If you would like a different time or day, please contact us here to request that.

We have 3 hours together in a location in the historical center of Rome, usually a park or green area a little off the beaten path to avoid the crowds but still easy to reach by public transportation or walking.

You have your sketch kit that I prepare for you, which includes: Handbound sketchbook – Waterproof drawing pen – Pencil (NO eraser!) – Pencil Sharpener – Waterbrush – Travel Watercolor Kit – Bag to hold it all together We work first with pencil, then with pen and finishing with watercolor.

You will be lead through simple exercises exploring different ways to use each of the materials provided for you, one at a time. This methodical approach not only keeps it simple but lets you find which expression works best for you or is most appropriate for the subject you have chosen to sketch.

It’s fun and you always have the choice to share or not with the group. Everyone is encouraged and there is no lecturing on perspective, measuring or anything highly technical, while you will however be provided with the right balance between structure and freedom to sketch and experiment in each medium after the initial exercises and instruction.

It’s simple and relaxed, we’re in no rush and we’re out to enjoy our time together. I find that every single time people are always impressed by the beautiful and expressive sketches they create.