Half-day Tour: Marken And Volendam

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4 till 8 hours
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The tour begins as we leave the bustle of our busy capital city via the IJ tunnel. Built in 1968, it is Amsterdam's first tunnel and it connects the Amsterdam Noord district to the rest of the city. Our journey takes us to the picturesque village of Broek in Waterland, situated to the north-east of the city and surrounded by water and meadows.
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This peaceful area provides much-needed relief from hectic Amsterdam. On the way to Marken, you will be able to gaze out on the flat expanses of the North Holland polders and we will drive past the Netherlands' longest dyke, which is approx. 330 km long and circles Lake IJssel.

Marken is a car-free village with 2,000 inhabitants. As such, our tour will continue on foot. In Marken, you will have the chance to sail to Volendam, or we can opt to proceed by car, in which case we will visit a cheese farm and a clog shop.

Volendam is a former fishing village with 23,000 inhabitants, most of whom are Catholic. This is surprising, as the surrounding villages are primarily protestant. Volendam is also known for the prevalence of traditional Dutch attire, and the music made there, known as 'palingsound' or 'eel sound'. You will have the opportunity to wander through the streets and to have lunch, if you'd like. Volendam is famous for the many types of fish and smoked eel available there.

Once our visit to Volendam is over, we will return to Amsterdam.
Full day tour: Marken, Volendam, the Afsluitdijk and Zaanse Schans

If you'd like to be out for a full day, we have the tour for you. Where the half-day tour stops after Volendam, the full day tour continues on to the Afsluitdijk via Ede. The Afsluitdijk was constructed in 1930 to separate Lake IJssel from the Wadden Sea in order to aid in the impoldering process of the new province of Flevoland. After visiting the Afsluitdijk, the tour will continue on to one