Auschwitz Birkenau And Salt Mine In One Day Guided Tour

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10 hours
Hotel and apartments etc.
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City Tour, Culture Tour, Guided Tour
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Our Company is providing shared tours to Auschwitz and Salt Mine. These are fully organized events, which provide you with an opportunity to share tourist experience with others. Groups have form 4 up to 8 participants. So, don't worry it won't be crowded. During the trip you stay under our driver's care, you can rely on his experience.

Whole event takes around 10 hours. You will be picked up directly from your accommodation place in between 08:30am and 09:15am (pick up time to will confirmed). Meeting will took place either at the front-desk of a hotel or outside near an entry to apartments. Just after collecting all participants you will reach Auschwitz in about 1 hour. English guided tour in Auschwitz and Birkenau Museum is provided by a licensed museum guide. (Headphones are included) Visiting the camp takes around 3,5 hours and consists of sightseeing of two Nazi camps & Auschwitz and Birkenau.

Next we are going to the Salt Mine. Before entry to Salt Mine You can have break for a lunch. There is a very nice restaurant next to the Salt Mine where they serve delicious polish dishes. After tour you will be taken back to Krakow. Either to your accommodation place or any other destination within the city.