Paczoltowice Shooting Range Tour From Krakow

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4 hours
In front of you hotel in Krakow
Price Adult
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Sports Tour, Adventure Tour, Guided Tour
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Why not making your stay in Krakow a little bit more exciting and try a Paczółtowice shooting range tour. It is a great possibility to spend your free time in a fun way.

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An English speaking driver will pick you up from your hostel or hotel and drive you to a little village located out of Krakow. Once you will get to Paczoltowice you will meet instructors who will take care of you during the shooting. During the tour you will be able to try a few different types of weapons:

20 shots, combat pistol (9x19mm)
10 shots, combat pistol (7,62x25mm)
16 shots, Kalashnikov rifle (7,62x39mm)
3 shots, pump action shotgun (12/70)
6 shots, combat revolver Taurus 44CP (.44 Magnum)
20 shots, sport rifle Colt M4 (.22)

Sounds dangerous, but it is totally safe, because all the time you are supervised by the group of professional shooting instructors.

You have to be at least 18 years old to participate in that tour.

Please note that this tour is not available on: 25th of December, 1st of January, Easter Saturday afternoon and Easter Sunday. Mondays and Tuesdays