Green Guardians Of The Forest

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4 hours
Sintra Natural Park
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Get involved with the recovery of ecologically degraded areas through the restitution of native forests to restore ecological systems and promote biodiversity in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park!

Are you a true nature lover and care a lot for the preservation of our forests and the protection of our natural habitat? Then this really is the perfect program for you! Spend a whole morning surrounded by beautiful nature and get involved with the recovery of ecologically degraded areas through the restitution of native forests. The perfect program to manifest your love for our natural environment! Depending on the current intervention needs of each respective location as well as the time of the year, you will have the chance to carry out the following activities:

- Control of exotic weed species | Removal of exotic species that pose a threat to biodiversity and forests.
- Maintenance of reforested areas | Taking care of previously planted plants.
- Protection of spontaneous regeneration | Identifying spontaneously arisen plants that need to be preserved due to their importance for the biodiversity and local gene bank.
- Fire protection | Management of thin and thick plant material to reduce the combustion load.
- Planting to promote regeneration | Plantations that allow for the restitution of native biodiverse forests to promote natural regeneration processes.
- Restoration of water lines | Restoration of the characteristic habitats associated with riparian galleries.
- Natural engineering works | Construction of palisades to control lines of torrential runoff or for the creation of wetlands as well as barriers to prevent erosion, among others.

All of the above-described activities will not only teach you everything you need to know about the existent species in the Sintra Cascais Natural Park but will also provide you with the specific know-how on how to preserve them. The activities will help you get to know the available approaches to prevent fires as well as the existing ideas for the prosperity of the species and growth of the fauna and flora of the park.