Titanic And Giants Causeway Tour From Dublin

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Dublin City Gallery (also known as The Hugh Lane Gallery), Parnell Square North
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Nature Tour, Coach Tour, Guided Tour
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This tour starts in Dublin and whisks you up to Northern Ireland where the first stop is a short photo stop at the infamous Dunluce Castle, this medieval castle was built back in the 1500s and stood strong against 100 years of attacks from the English - it's rumoured to be haunted by a banshee (ask your guide what happened in the kitchen of this castle back in 1634)

Then it's off to the Giant's Causeway, a miraculous phenomenon of over 40,000 interlocking hexagonal basalt columns, commonly referred to as the '8th Wonder of the World' . The Giants Causeway will indeed inspire awe and leave you questioning is it actually a natural formation or ... as legend states, was it actually built by the Irish Giant Finn McCool himself?

We will then bring you down to the majestic 'Dark Hedges' - Planted in the 18th century by the Stuart family, they remain a beautiful sight and were even used in the HBO series, Game of Thrones

After which we will bring you to the Titanic Experience itself - Explore the shipyard, walk the decks, travel to the depths of the ocean and uncover the true legend of Titanic in the city where it all began ....

Belfast itself is the birthplace of the Titanic, and was a major hub in the 'troubles' experienced in Northern Ireland before the peace agreement in 1998 (all will be explained on tour)
You will be given some free time to explore this now beautiful city by yourself, be it shopping, taking in the sights or getting yourself a well deserved meal we are sure that Belfast will not disappoint.

Then it's back to Dublin.
Tour length is approx 13 hours (weather and traffic permitting)