4 hours
Nis, Serbia
For adrenaline junkies and the ones who dream of flying, Niška Banja offers premier paragliding spot in South-Eastern Europe. Paragliding flights are done und... ... read more
8 hours
Nis, Serbia
One of our most attractive and most wanted one-day tours in the offering. Become one with the nature on beautiful localities of Stara Planina, nature park and u... ... read more
8 Hours / Full Day
Nis, Serbia
Spend a day visiting one of the modern wonders of the world, a mystical place where nature shaped the landscape which has sparked the imagination of the visitor... ... read more
2 hoursz
Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade is an amazing, fantastic city. You could go out to a bar and be walking on top of ancient Roman catacombs. You could take a walk in the park and sudden... ... read more