Aranjuez Essential

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2 hours
Plaza de Parejas s/n
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€0 (under 12 years old accompanied by an adult)
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City Tour, Nature Tour, History Tour, Culture Tour, Walking Tour, Segway Tour, Train Tour, Private Tour
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Included: Monumental Area surounding the Royal Palace, Couples Square, Officer´s and Knight´s house, San Antonio Square, King´s Garden, and Parterre Garden.Historic Center & The Island Garden

General description: Aranjuez, World Heritage and Cultural Landscape site declared by UNESCO will be the first architectural work done on the nature and not on the Stone, like in El Escorial. Thereby born their gardens, and wooded walks to make something unique in the world. Anecdotes, secrets, love and differences of those who decided the fate of the nation, Austrians and Bourbons. What are Royal Journeys? How was born the first World Botanical Garden? What are ¨maderadas¨? How were the Parties for kings? Why we have Pagan mythology in the garden with Catholic religión?