Day Tour To Ephesus,House Of Virgin Mary,Temple Of Artemis And Isabey Mosque With Local Guide.

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7 hours
Kusadasi Hotels/Port,Selcuk Hotels/Izmir Airport
Ephesus Open Air Museum
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Your guide will meet you at Kusadasi Port / Kusadasi Hotels with a sign your name is written on then directly we driven to the sites and arrive there after 25 min driving.
Ancient Ephesus:The best preseved classic city in Eastern Mediterranean.The largest Open-Air Museum in Turkey.Ephesus contains more then 30 buildings and structures linked together by stres that still have the Marks of Ancient Chariot wheels.
Great Theatre: St Paul preached against the Pegans and Gladiators once engaded in battle.Originally holding 25,000 people, this theater was built in the Hellenistic period and was renovated by several Roman emperors. Designed for theatrical performances, later alterations allowed gladiatorial contests to be held here.
Library of Celsus:The faced which has been remarkably restored and probably most photographed place in Ephesus.Originally built in 115-25
Also you might see Odeon,Fountain of trajanTemple of hadrianstream baths of scholastic,Marble road,Agora,Temple of Domitian in Ephesus.
House of Virgin Mary: Mary was brought to ephesus by the apostle john after the resurection of christ and lived her final days here.This church was Erected on the Foundations of that house and its authenticity has been confirmed by Pope lV and Pope John Poul ll.Many visitors Describe this as an uplifting or Spiritual Experience.
Temple of Arthemis: Considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, Ephesus’ Temple of Artemis was dedicated to the goddess of the hunt. Only the foundation and one column remains of this temple which once measured 425 feet long, 220 feet long.Paul’s successful ministry in this city was considered a threat to this very temple.The city reached the "Golden Age" and became a good model to the Antic World in culture and art, as well.
İsa Bey Mosque:is one of the most delicate examples of Seljukian architecture,situated below the bassilica of Saint john.The mosque was built by the master Syrian architecture Ali son of Mushi