Day Tour To Pamukkale From Kusadasi

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12 hours
Kusadasi Hotels/Selcuk Hotels
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A true wonder of planet earth.When you approach from the distance,you might think Pamukkale is snowy hill or even glacier but look closer and you will notice a true wonder of mother nature.
Pamukkale’s waters are rich in calsium-carbonate making the floors of the pools as soft as cotton.Actually in Turkey,it knowen as cotton castle.Its not just another thermal spring,its a geological Marvel.These mineral-rich thermal waters are naturally heated to 36 celsius.From ancient time to modern days people from around the world have come to Pamukkale for its healing and therapeutic effects.If the mineral-rich waters heal your body then the idyllic vistas heal your soul.white infinity pawn,clear blue water and magnificent ruins of Hiearapolis will all make your experience in Pamukkale magical.
Near by is Leodicia the antique city of extravagance wealt and home of the one of the seven churches of Asia mentioned in the book of revelation. This tour available 1st May untill 28th October on Monday,Thursday and Saturdays