Istanbul Two Continents And Backstreets

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8 Hours
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The tour takes you off the beaten track of Istanbul. While discovering local markets, bazaars and backstreets, you will also gain an overview of Turkish history, culture and the unique architecture of Istanbul.

Firstly, we will walk around the Beyazid square where the old Ottoman book bazaar of Istanbul is located then we will walk down to the Tahtakale, which is a popular shopping area for local people as they are able to buy almost anything at wholesale prices. Our walk takes us to the 16th century Rustem Pasa Mosque. The Rustem Pasha Mosque was designed by Ottoman imperial architect Mimar Sinan for the grand vizier Rüstem Pasha and is famous for its Iznik tiles.

Then we we will catch a ferry to Kadikoy, a large residential area on the Asian side of Istanbul. In Kadikoy you will get to see how the local people live and visit Kadikoy's famous fish market.
We will have lunch in Kadikoy and then board another local ferry back to the European side of Istanbul.

The ferry will stop at Besiktas and from there we will will catch a dolmus up to Taksim, also known as Pera and is one of the main centers of Istanbul. Walking down Istiklal Street, the main street in Taksim, you will feel like you are walking down a European Street, with many famous clothing shops, such as mango and topshop as well as a number of Starbucks and more than 3,000 street cafes, pubs and restaurants. Taksim is almost the best place to experience the nightlife of Istanbul.

Our walk will take us to Galata tower, one of the first towers built in the world and where you can see a 360-degree view of Istanbul from the top of the tower. We will then walk to Karakoy where we will cross the Galata Bridge, where you can see locals fishing and

From Eminonu, it is easy to get back to your hotel, you can either catch a tram or take a walk.