North America Locations

North America

2 days
Mexico City, Mexico
Make the most of your trip to Mexico City with this Super Saver tour that includes the main attractions in the city and its surroundings in two days. Experi... ... read more
4 hours
Panama City Beach, United States
Water Planet offers a variety of dolphin swim tours for the whole family in Panama City Beach, Florida, including fun and educational swim-with-the-dolphins tou... ... read more
2 - 4 hours
Slade, United States
Contrary to the name you certainly won't feel imprisoned. The solitude of this trail and being on Jailhouse Rock is probably one of our favorite places in R... ... read more
8 hrs
San Ignacio Town/Cayo Dist, Belize
Crystal Cave is located, within the Inland Blue Hole National Park. Crystal Cave is karst limestone cave which has been formed by water erosion. The unique thin... ... read more
8 hours
Live the experience of sailing with us, as we go to the south side of the bay, we’ll make a stop for snorkeling either at Los Arcos or Colomitos, you can jump... ... read more
2 hours
Ketchikan, United States
Located in the far south of Alaska, Ketchikan is a beautiful area with the Tongass Narrows and Deer Mountain for a backdrop. Some of the locations you will hav... ... read more
2 hours
New Orleans, United States
This exciting audio tour of the vibrant city of New Orleans will take you on a colorful journey, during which you will learn about the famous Mardi Gras celebra... ... read more
2 hours
Sitka, United States
Discover the historic and exotic city of Sitka. Once part of Russia and bought by the USA in 1867, Sitka has become a popular port of entry into Alaska and popu... ... read more
11 hrs.
Mexico City, Mexico
If you want to spend a full day in Mexico City, take this Mexico City tour in one day. The first stop of this tour is Teotihuacan. Visit the “City of the God... ... read more
5 hours
Puerto Vallarta , Mexico
Get up and fly with our highly trained and funny canopy guides and feel the adrenaline while you fly above the trees in our 11 zip lines, enjoy the nature and w... ... read more
8 hours
A shared fishing charter is the best way to go sport fishing if you are the only one in your party who wants to go fishing. You pay a flat rate per person and y... ... read more
4 hours
Come with us on a full of fun half-day snorkeling tour, we’ll sail along the coast line so you can appreciate the beautiful view of the City and the Sierra... ... read more
2 hours
Lahaina, United States
This tour explores the many highlights of the culturally and historically rich Lahaina, Hawaii. From the old Fort, to the Courthouse, the history of the town is... ... read more
2 hours
Skagway, United States
Explore the historic and exciting city of Skagway in the state of Alaska! Home to another major city during the Gold Rush days, you will learn about the boom th... ... read more
2 hours
Vancouver, Canada
Immerse yourself in the cross section of cultures that make up the beautiful and vibrant city of Vancouver! This amazing audio tour will allow you to explore th... ... read more
3 hours or 5 hours
Orlando Ares Guided Kayaking Tours, United States
For the kayaker who is curious about the wilder side of the river, come check out our Adventurous & Nature Lovers Tours. If you're looking to do some kayaki... ... read more
4 hours
Friday Harbor, United States
We have been paddling with whales longer than any other company in the San Juan Islands! That experience is priceless!  Our fun, professional and informative ... ... read more
2 hours
Orlando, United States
Come experience exotic animals in a way you never have before! All of the animals here are included in your visit.. You will be in heaven if you are a true ani... ... read more
8 Hours OR 3 Breweries
ANY, United States
Brewery Tours on Long Island Long Island Brewery Tours is an exciting service offering the opportunity for Tastings and Tours to the outstanding Breweries in L... ... read more
1.5 - 2 hours
Pittsburgh, United States
Spend an afternoon on the North Side! There is plenty of history on the Mexican War Streets route, as well as some new, craft-brewed additions. After a 5k tour... ... read more
2 hours
Honolulu, United States
Immerse yourself in the wonderful culture in the dynamic city of Honolulu, Hawai'i. On this audio tour you will enjoy an amazing walk across Waikiki beach a... ... read more
2 hours
New York, United States
Immerse yourself in the largest borough of New York, the biggest city in the USA. This popular audio tour concentrates mainly on the Midtown Manhattan area whic... ... read more
2 hours
Washington DC, United States
Explore the majestic capital of the United States of America. Taking architectural influences from ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt, the grandiose intentions of ... ... read more
1 hour 30 minutes
Denver, United States
Join our Family owned Distillery on a 1.5 hour tour that will take you on to our Malting Floor and into the distillery where you will learn about open fermentat... ... read more
1 hour
Miami, United States
Tram Tours Enjoy a free, narrated tram tour with one of our expert guides. Year-round tram tours run approximately 45 minutes and offer an introduction to the ... ... read more
4-6 days
Copper Harbor, United States
An Isle Royale kayaking trip offers a true wilderness experience unlike any other place in the world! Hiking and boating are the only means of travel, as no veh... ... read more
1 hour 30 minutes
Murphys, United States
Ironstone Vineyards is nestled in the charming gold rush town of Murphys, in California's Sierra Foothills. Family owned and operated, our winery places as... ... read more