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Uncharted Colombia
We are adventure travel experts who have been providing people with exceptional trips since 2011. We've distinguished ourselves in the travel industry and made our clients very happy by staying true to three core beliefs:

First, we believe that true adventure can be had only if you are far away from crowds, familiar things and your comfort zone. We are serious about taking people on extraordinary trips and we do that by going to lesser known destinations – places that even most Colombians don't know about. Unspoiled by mass tourism the raw beauty of these places is awe-inspiring and the emotions that they inspire can be life-changing. We also go to classic destinations, but we experience them in a more authentic and in-depth fashion than most tourists do. For example, instead of simply taking a tour bus around Los Nevados National Park and stopping at viewpoints along the road we ride bikes down mountain paths, climb glaciated peaks, hike through mesmerizing moorlands and spend nights in quaint farm houses. By exploring new destinations and embracing unique adventures, we let people discover the best of Colombia, and often, the best in themselves.

We also believe that nature is best appreciated by engaging it physically and that a perfect vacation is one that is jam-packed with activity. In other words, we enjoy tiring people out. We appreciate rest and relaxation as much the next person but with so much to see and experience in Colombia it's against our principles to let our clients spend a lot of time lazing around. We've dedicated ourselves to giving people the fullest Colombia experience that their time will allow. Tired faces with big smiles are our typical indicators of a successful trip.

Finally, we believe that the best people to show you a place are those who live there. True adventure involves the unknown and unexpected, but you want to travel with people who are intimately familiar with a destination. We call Colombia home. Our office for Sales and Marketing is in the United States but all of our guides and instructors in Colombia are locals. That's why we're the experts. What's uncharted to everyone else is home to us.

We're not a typical travel company and we'll make sure your Colombia trip is anything but typical. Escape the ordinary with us and experience a wonderfully different adventure.


5 days
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Pereira, Colombia
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Bogota, Colombia
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Manizales, Colombia
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Santa Marts, Colombia
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Bogota, Colombia
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