Castles & Tradition: Beiteddine & Deir ElQamar

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The 18th and 19th centuries, the making of Lebanon’s modern history, The Emirs, Rulers of Mount Lebanon district, the Ottomans and the French, the palaces, life at that epoch, Rulers duties, their plans, local customs & tradition, the mulberries and silk factories, The Druze of Lebanon… Can’t tell you all now, but will sure do when I see you!

A short morning drive Southeast of Beirut and here we are in Beiteddine people’s palace, the Cavaliers section, the presidential section and the Mosaics sellers… So different, so true!

Mussa palace, a man’s dream came true, three levels of an interesting gallery and guns museum… what a nice collection of weapon I say! How well displayed, I state…

How about a Lunch break in the old capital of Mount Lebanon once said? Deir el kamar today, is indeed a traditional well preserved town.

Would you like some Manakich or Lebanese mezze? Why don’t you try the local bread called “Kerben”? You will also find a variety of sandwiches, snacks and coffee shops.

Then here we are exploring the village, walking around the old tight streets where a 14th century Mosque stands in the middle of a historical square and next to a miraculous Cathedral.

The day is gone before you even know it! Enjoy the sceneries on the way back; we will soon reach your hotel in no time…