United Arab Emirates

90 minutes
Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates
WHAT TO EXPECT: Make your way to the Dubai Marina to catch your sightseeing cruise. Step on board and find a comfortable spot from which to watch the city coas... ... read more
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
What to do: -Visit the Burj Khalifa viewing platform -Discover the most beautiful sights of Dubai such as the modern Marina Yachthafen and the impressive palm -... ... read more
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
What to do: -Visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world -Learn more about the traditional lifestyle of the local people -Admire the beau... ... read more
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
What You'll Do: -Immerse yourself in a world of contrasts with old Arabic traditions and the young, modern side to Dubai -Discover the most beautiful sights... ... read more