Black Hole Drop And Inland Blue Hole

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San Ignacio Town Cayo District
San Ignacio
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Come join us and test your Adventure spirit, let’s get the adrenaline feeling as you rappel down into a jungle sink hole of “Actun Loch Tunich” Mother of all Caves”. Expedition starts off with a vigorous hike into the foothills of the Maya Mountains. This expedition is for extreme adventure seekers only and all participants must be relatively fit.The edge of the sink hole is over 300 feet above the basin below and 200 feet above the rain-forest canopy that grows out from the sink hole basin. Our Fully Trained Guides will provide you with helmets and safety equipment as they rig a system of rappelling ropes for your decent to the basin below. The first 10 feet provides the adrenaline, the next 200 ft feature an unforgettable experience and sight to behold, while the final 100 ft plunges you down through the rain forest canopy reaching the bottom.

Once you’re at the bottom you rest with a delicious picnic lunch. After enjoying your delicious homemade lunches we take a hike which includes some rock climbing, ladder climbing, and of course lots of sweating, before we all head off to the Inland Blue Hole.

The inland blue hole, is actually a sinkhole formed by the collapse of an underground river channel. A series of steps would lead us to a 25-foot deep cool, turquoise pool, surrounded by dense forest, for you to enjoy a relaxing dip.