ATV Mountain Beach & Canopy Tour From Tamarindo-Flamingo Beach

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4 Hours
Brasilito Beach
Brasilito Beach, Santa Cruz
Costa Rica
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Adventure Tour, Driving Tour, Guided Tour
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This tour offers 100% guaranteed adrenaline. To reach the location of the canopy tour, you will travel on ATV through the mountains, rain forest and across small rivers. Once you arrive to the canopy site, you will find zip-line cables up to 500 meters (approx. 550 yards) long, displaying the beauty of the forest from the top of the trees. Return back to the starting point by ATV.

This off-road trail that is not accessible to a regular 4WD vehicle due to the wire fences, thorn branches, numerous rocks, livestock crossing, and a river that snakes along the circuit with an average of depth of 1.5 feet and a maximum of 3 feet. The only way to get through this trail is on an ATV. Once you get through the trail, you will arrive at your destination to start your canopy zip-line tour.

This adventure tour is not for the faint of heart and is recommended for intermediate and experienced riders. There is a percentage of risk that might increase according to your skill level. There is a possibility that the ATV will get stuck in the mud but you can easily get it out with the help of your guides.

After an exciting day, your tour ends when you taken back to your hotel