Wrestling Tour: The Ultimate Experience

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4 hrs.
Hostal Amigo. Isabel la Católica 61- A, centro / Tuesday: 18:50 hrs / Friday: 19:50 hrs.
Mexico City
Mexico City
Price Adult
Price Children
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Sports Tour, Culture Tour, Guided Tour
Tour Operator
Amigo Tours
Tel: (+52) 55 12 52 07
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Come and have fun, get excited and feel passion with the best wrestling in the world. Mexican wrestling has distinguished from others for its authenticity, attracting young and old.

With this tour, you’ll live the most complete wrestling experience, for not only will you be getting a souvenir from your visit, but you will also be able to understand all about this art.

Wrestling arrived in Mexico in the nineteenth century and has since evolved to the form, taste and imagination of Mexicans, as can be seen in the variety of characters and personalities that the different wrestlers create through their colorful masks. They keep hidden the identity of the wrestler but at the same time, give them identity, power and distinction.

Others prefer different ways to distinguish themselves from others, such as wearing long hair. Perhaps unwillingly, Mexican wrestlers have developed a unique expression of Mexican folklore.

Operational Days:
Tuesday & Friday

Meeting point:
Hostal Amigo. Isabel la Católica 61- A, centro.
Tuesday: 18:50 hrs
Friday: 19:50 hrs

4 hrs.

• Bilingual guide
• Round transportation from meeting point
• Mask and a shot of tequila (you must be over 18 YO)
• Explanation of the art
• Entrance to the arena with preferential seats

• Drinks & meals
• Souvenirs
• Optional tips

• Feel the atmosphere of one of the most traditional shows in Mexico
• Enjoy the acrobatics of the fighters
• Live a complete experience of a live wrestling show