A Day-long Adventure To Anacapa Island In The California Channel Islands

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All Day -- about 8 hours
Vintage Marina
United States
Price Adult
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Nature Tour, Wildlife Tour, Eco Tour, Adventure Tour, Photography Tour, Boat Trip, Sailing Tour
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It's your yacht for the full day. Either just you or you and up to 5 others can tell us where to go, what you want prepared for lunch and when to head home!

If you're a sailor, you may want to take the helm. If you're not, you might want lessons. Captain Dan is always happy to teach. But in any case you should get ready to enjoy an eco-adventure that will take you back in time.

We sail from Channel Islands Harbor for about 13 nautical miles to Channel Islands National Park and Frenchy's Cove, one of our favorite kayaking spots. It’s also the only place with access to go ashore on Anacapa Island. The trip typically takes just over 2 hours, depending on the wind. We'll drop anchor here or in Cathedral Cove and set up for lunch.

Some of the most spectacular spots can't be experienced from the yacht. You’ll need one of our kayaks for a close look at Anacapa Island. This is the perfect activity for you while we prepare your gourmet lunch!

You can explore either of the coves and watch the sea lions and the graceful pelicans. If you’ve never paddled a kayak before, we'll show you how.