Classic SF Tour, Downtown And Chinatown

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San Francisco
United States
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The Classic SF Tour shows off the best of San Francisco’s origins and rise as the Gold Rush metropolis, home to the crazed, the wealthy and the inspirational. Hear how this overnight city began, and what it’s become today. In Chinatown, hear tales of revolutionary leaders, the Great Earthquake of 1906, bizarre architecture, fortune cookies and gang battles in a vibrant community often visited by tourists, yet rarely understood.

The Gold Rush center of San Francisco was once the lawless land of cutthroats, murderers, swindlers and gamblers. Trace their old steps, and visit where the cable car ran, and the Transamerica Pyramid stands.
It's a journey through the wild west days of San Francisco. Learn how vigilantes ruled the streets during the Gold Rush, see the best-preserved 1850's neighborhood, and hear about the crazy entertainers, lewd women and eccentrics who defined this town.

Lastly, one of our most popular subjects: Chinatown, behind the tourist trap! Discover tales of revolutionary leaders, the Great Earthquake of 1906, bizarre architecture, fortune cookies. community and gang battles in a neighborhood often visited, yet rarely understood. The Chinatown tour is much more than a peek at Chinese-American history, but a journey through San Francisco's oldest living community and therefore a portal into its founding days. Tales of Captain Montgomery and the USS Portsmouth, Samuel Brannan (SF's 1st millionaire), how the Chinese-built railways put the city on the map, eccentrics like Donaldina Cameron, Emperor Norton and many more are included on this tour along with the sights, smells and tastes (from the oldest fortune cookie factory) that define this living museum.