Radical SF Tour, Castro And Mission Neighborhoods

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3 hours
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San Francisco
United States
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The Radical SF Combo is a 2-part, uproarious and insightful dive into the social movements of San Francisco's Castro and Mission districts. Part I unfolds the incredible story of the Gay Rights Movement, the legacy of Harvey Milk, and a 101 intro to queer identity, with historic bars, Harvey's apartment and witty, colorful surprises throughout. Part II brings you to a sweeping view of the city and unveils the Mission, our most culturally rich and politically apt neighborhood,. You will see stunning street art and murals, innovative restaurants, the old Mission itself and walk away with an understanding of current issues and communities that define our daily life.

In 1970's San Francisco, America listened as gay rights activists demanded equality. The Castro was ground zero for this civil rights movement, led by the charismatic and passionate Harvey Milk. Learn about how the Castro became America's first "gayborhood," a colorful and magical place for all who identify as LGBTQQIAAPT (don't worry, we'll explain).

The hippest neighborhood in town, the Mission, is a do-it-yourself story. In the Great Earthquake of 1906, residents worked together to save this district. Since then, it's become home to artists, creators, punk rockers, feminists, activists, muralists, and a quickly disappearing Latino community. Learn about those who fought, and continue to fight, and "Viva La Misión!"